Full Name
Job Title
Executive Director
Management and Sustainable Development Institute
Speaker Bio
Ms. Linh Phuong Nguyen is the Executive Director of the Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD- www.msdvietnam.org) since 2009. Ms. Linh holds MA degree major in Strategic Management of London Metropolitan Business School (UK Queen Scholarship for International Student House) in 2008 and has a lot of international training certificates such as in Community leader (George Washington University & Global Ambassador Program), Human Rights Education (Equitas Canada), Responsible digital network, Lee Kuan Yew University, etc.

With MSD, Ms. Linh created the ODIC (Organization Development Methodology of Inspiring Culture) to build the capacity for local organizations and provided capacity building programs to hundreds of CSOs and business in Vietnam, and has coached more than 100 local organizations to achieve good governance, better practice of achieving SDGs, corporate social responsibility, transparency and accountability, resource mobilization and build the model of child-friendly organisations. She has also written and published numerous guidebooks and research papers related to CSO and Business Sustainability in Vietnam and Child rights education, Digital skills, etc.

In the national level, Ms. Linh is the national coordinator Action for CSO Development Alliance Vietnam (CSA Vietnam), Left No One Behind Partnership Vietnam (LNOB Vietnam) for promoting CSO and partners’ engagement in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and also the coordinator of Child Rights Governance network and Council member of GBVNET. She plays as the advisor of Vietnamese government agencies such as National Assembly, MOHA, MOLISA, MPI, MOST, etc. in issues relating to CSO Enabling, Business engagement and Child and Youth rights education, development and protection. She also leads MSD in partnership in Sustainable Development and or Corporate Social Responsibility with many business partners such as Microsoft, Tiktok, Facebook, 3M, HSBC, Shinhan, etc.

In the international level, Ms. Linh is the co-vice chair of Asia Development Alliance, board member of Leave Noone Behind Global Partnership and focal persons of multi Global and Regional network such as CPDE, CAPS, APRN, ROA etc. Ms. Linh is also currently in the Safety Advisory Board of Tiktok in Asia. Ms. Linh is always invited as guest speaker and advisor in multiple global events of United Nations, World Bank, or leading countries’ governments such as US, Canada, Netherland, Sweden, Korea, Japan, South Africa, Southeast Asia countries, etc.

Ms. Linh received several awards and recognition certificates as Champion Leader of NGOs by some organizations. In 2021, she was the Leader of Social Challenges and Innovation Village of Techfest 2021 and be recognized as the best leader to create the eco-system to promote corporates, investors and startups as well as NGOs to join efforts in promoting innovations to solve the social challenges.
Ms. Linh has published many books and publications. She likes writing, sharing and traveling. She has traveled to more than 40 countries throughout the globe.