Full Name
Job Title
Executive Director
Global Compact Network Sweden
Speaker Bio
Philip Thormark is the Executive Director for the Swedish network of UN Global Compact.

Before joining the network in 2019, Philip worked as a technical consultant within the field of strategic sustainability for more than eight years. With a focus on sustainable business development, he helped clients in both the private and public sector in their strategic sustainability challenges while gaining experience in a wide range of sustainability issues such as environment and climate, gender equality, human rights, and anti-corruption.
Philip also has extensive experience in operating sustainability-focused non-profit organisations prior to joining UN Global Compact Network Sweden. He has worked for The Swedish Association for Sustainable Business and had the position as Head of the secretariat for Sweden's Sustainable Investment Forum (Swesif). During his time in Swesif, the organization more than tripled its member base.

As Executive Director for UN Global Compact Network Sweden Philip is among other things responsible for leading the team, identifying and initiating strategic partnerships and building a strong value proposition that will accelerate the sustainability work among members and in the Swedish business community as a whole. Philip has been part of building the organisation and during his time the network has grown from 300 to close to 500 members and from one to five employees.
With a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering & Management and with a focus on Business and Innovation and sustainability, Philip has a holistic understanding of sustainable development and a professional approach where he is constantly looking for solutions that are both profitable and sustainable.