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Chair of ESBN Task Force on Green Economy; Founder & President, World Green Organization and Chairman, Hong Kong Myanmar Chamber of Commerce
World Green Organization
Speaker Bio
Mr. Albert Oung is a Myanmar born Chinese raised in Hong Kong. He is a Green entrepreneur, social reformist and environmentalist with over 38 years of international experience focused in the Green Economy. Mr. Oung has been transforming and commercialising common best practices into sustainable and responsible business models through global social impact and ESG applications that conform to the UN 17 SDGs and the UN Global Compact Initiatives.

Mr. Oung is the Founder and CEO of the Green Inc. Group with a business portfolio engaging in Green Finance & Technologies, Green Buildings & Infrastructure, Green Logistic & Warehousing, Renewable Materials & Energies, and Waste Management covering Hong Kong, China, Myanmar, and the Asia Pacific Region. His company was also the first Asian enterprise to win the highest honour in the "Cradle to Cradle Award" and have various global green awards, international intellectual properties, and certification programs.

Mr. Oung is the Founding Chairman of the “Hong Kong Myanmar Chamber of Commerce” and Founding President of the “World Green Organisation” and “Green Institute”. He is the Executive Council member and Chair of the Green Economy Task Force of the UNESCAP ESBN.

Mr. Oung is a Big Dreamer. He developed his idea of "Greenism" by adopting a holistic approach through providing integrated green solutions with the right values. Since 1992, he established his green business model by generating profits with a positive impact in the community. By the same token, he used his track record to inspire other social and business leaders through innovative programs. His motivation lies in his pursuit to inspire meaningful change in common business practices and to improve the livelihood of the community and business partners. He hopes to demonstrate this by integrating “Green Sustainability” in core business practices to spread love and peace to stakeholders.

Mr. Oung has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto with double major in Commerce and Economics. He is also the recipient of University of Toronto’s 2020 Victoria College Distinguished Alumni Award.