Full Name
Job Title
President Director
PT Transkon Jaya, Tbk
Speaker Bio
In 2002, Lexi started his career at PT Transkon Jaya Tbk as Operational Manager until 2019, he earned the trust to serve as President Director of PT Transkon Jaya Tbk until now. During his 25-year career, Lexi has expertise in the operational field, especially in the mining sector in Borneo, the largest mining area in Indonesia.

Born and raised in Borneo, Indonesia, He has big aspirations to be able to develop the human resources (HR) equally in the East Borneo through the innovation by the company he leads. For the development of equitable HR, the company does not only provide the various training and education for its human resources but also initiated a special program related to HR development in the field of gender equality. Since 2021, with the support of various stakeholders including external organizations, the company has begun to recruite women to be trained and work as company mechanics. This recruitment is an ongoing program that is still being carried out by the company to provide additional value for companies, expands employment opportunities, and to achieve the 5th (five) United Nations sustainable development goals.

Apart from the above, personally, Lexi is a nature lover. In between his busy schedule at work, Lexi always makes time for road trips using four-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicles exploring other areas on the island of Borneo, doing hiking activities, and exercising regularly with the company human resources which brings positive energies to all of them. Lexi expects this activity will be able to increase the solidarity among the staff as a way of creating a safe, comfortable and conducive work situation at all times.