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Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Melvin Marsh International Ltd
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Flora Mutahi is a dynamic and passionate entrepreneur who has made significant contributions in manufacturing and business. With over 27 years of experience as a C-suite executive, she has proven to be a visionary leader, business advisor, and an inspiring mentor to young entrepreneurs. Her journey from founding and leading the largest natural-flavoured tea company in Kenya to her various board positions reflects a remarkable career path built on innovation, strategic leadership and impactful social initiatives.

Founding Melvins Teas in 1995 marked the beginning of Flora’s entrepreneurial journey. Through her visionary leadership, the company experienced exponential growth in local and international markets. Under her guidance, the company expanded its reach countrywide and beyond, introducing a wide range of teas tailored to its young and vibrant consumers. The Melvins range of teas emerged because of innovation, setting Flora apart as an innovator in the industry.

Flora’s expertise extends beyond the tea business and into other industries such as real estate. She successfully established Azizi Realtors Ltd, a thriving real estate company offering property sales, letting, management, and advisory services.

Her contributions to global trade finance were recognized when she participated in the Advisory Group on Trade Finance (ATF) in 2020, a high-profile committee hosted by the International Chamber of Commerce, McKinsey Group, and Fung Institute. She provided valuable insights into global finance solutions, collaborating with prominent figures such as the CEO of HSBC and ICC.

Beyond entrepreneurship, Flora’s commitment to empowering and fostering innovation is evident in her numerous board positions. She was the First Female Chairperson of KEPSA, where she championed initiatives to support entrepreneurs, attract investments, and drive innovation.. Her commitment to sustainable development also extends to her involvement in the UN Global Compact. As a board member of the UN Global Compact New York and the UN Global Compact Kenya, she actively promotes the principles of the Compacts and fosters impactful change locally and globally. In her role as a board member of P4G, she advises and supports investments in impactful initiatives aligned with the
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement.

As a board member of SBM Bank Kenya, Flora played a pivotal role in overseeing the smooth acquisition of two banks. Her expertise and insights played a vital role in navigating the intricate process. Her visionary approach ensured that the integration process was executed seamlessly, minimising disruptions to customers and employees.

Her impressive track record includes previous board positions such as Chairperson of the AntiCounterfeit Agency, again the first female chairperson where she successfully implemented a groundbreaking recordation process that will drive a significant reduction in counterfeit goods right at source while boosting revenue generation. As Chairperson of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, again the first female in the 57 years of the organisation Flora contributed her expertise to the strategic governance and operational excellence. She spearheaded the ‘Changamka Festival,’ showcasing local products and innovations while empowering women in the manufacturing sector through the creation of
the Women in Manufacturing programme. Flora’s dedication to supporting local industries and empowering women is evident through her impactful initiatives and strategic leadership in her board roles. Her track record as a board member reflects her commitment to making a positive difference in the companies she works with and the broader community and economy.

Flora is committed to mentorship and empowerment and has also launched the Melvins Mentorship Impact Programme, which provides personalised coaching and mentoring to female entrepreneurs. Through the programme, she has positively impacted the lives and businesses of many women, helping them scale their manufacturing businesses and access formal markets. She continues to look for avenues to coach and mentor other entrepreneurs so they can run successful business ventures.

Flora’s educational background is just as impressive as her career path. She has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Cape Town and a B.Sc. in Finance and Accounts from the UK. Additionally, she holds various professional qualifications including Certified Public Accountant (CPA) an executive coaching and marketing diploma as well. Flora’s educational achievements are a testament
to her commitment to continuous learning, complementing her remarkable career path. They have provided her with a diverse skill set and knowledge to excel in her professional endeavours.

In conclusion, Flora’s professional journey showcases a path of success as an entrepreneur, leader and mentor. From founding and leading a successful manufacturing company to actively contributing to various boards and driving impactful social initiatives, she has left an indelible mark on the business landscape. Her visionary leadership, innovative mindset, and commitment to empowering others make her a true inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders.