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CEO & Co-Founder
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Yusuf Omar is CEO and Co-founder of SEEN.TV- a next-gen media company using AR and AI to help people tell their stories.

SEEN.TV has over 7 million subscribers and has published more than 4,000 videos. But without buying any cameras. Instead, they help communities find their MOJO; Mobile Journalism.

Yusuf is an award-winning journalist, previously at CNN International in London. He has covered the Syrian civil war and other conflicts around the world.

You’ll probably see Yusuf wearing sunglasses indoors. But look more carefully and you’ll realize that his sunglasses are actually cameras! Yusuf has been wearing cameras on his body everyday for over a decade. The sunnies he’s currently wearing also have screens inside, augmenting the internet onto the world around him. By 2030, he thinks we will all be doing the same. And that’s why Seen.tv is building the world’s most immersive storytelling company.