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WageIndicator Foundation
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Fiona Dragstra serves as the Director of WageIndicator Foundation and will join the panel as representative of the newly established WageMap consortium. WageMap, a new collaboration, is dedicated to elevating Living Wage practices by aligning and standardising living wage benchmarks and methodologies. This consortium comprises influential organisations including BSR, NewForesight, Living Wage Foundation UK (along with its global affiliate network), Loughborough University’s Centre for Research in Social Policy, Living Wage for US, and WageIndicator Foundation.
At its core, WageMap is focused on tackling the barriers that hinder the implementation of Living Wages. Through fostering collaboration and alignment within the Living Wage movement, extending beyond the current consortium members, WageMap aims to establish a stakeholder-consulted standard. This collective effort is committed to enhancing the well-being of workers on a global scale, championing decent wages, and contributing to the pursuit of social justice worldwide.
WageIndicator's affiliation with the WageMap consortium underscores its dedication to advancing living wages at a global scale. Through the synergy of collaboration and standardised benchmarks, WageMap and its diverse partners aspire to catalyse substantial progress in realising Living Wages for workers across a spectrum of contexts.
WageIndicator Foundation holds a crucial role as a global data provider, engaging in the collection, analysis, and dissemination of labour market information across 206 countries. Starting October 2023, WageIndicator is set to release Living Wage benchmarks on its national websites in local languages and currencies. This strategic move prioritises accessibility and transparency in wage data, empowering localised decision-making processes.