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Undersecretary of Foreign Trade
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Mr. Alejandro Encinas Nájera is the Undersecretary of Foreign Trade of Mexico since 2022.

From 2014 to 2018 he was General Director of Strategic Research at the Belisario Domínguez Institute of the Senate of the Republic.
During the beginning period of the current administration, as head of the Labor Policy and Institutional Relations Unit of the Ministry of Labor, he served as a focal point for the Mexican Administration on the labour chapters of national trade agreements.

He oversaw negotiating disputes within the framework of the Rapid Response Labor Mechanism of the USMCA, all resolved through negotiation and agreement, without the need for arbitration panels or trade sanctions.
His most recent publications include "USMCA and its Rapid Response Labor Mechanism: An Action Guide for Mexico" and "Mexico: The Transition to Labor Democracy."

Alejandro Encinas Nájera has a degree in Political Science and Public Administration from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, a master's degree in Political Science from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a PhD in Social Sciences and Humanities from the Autonomous Metropolitan University.