Full Name
Job Title
Executive Director and Country Divisional Head
Bayer CropScience Ltd in India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka
Speaker Bio
Simon Wiebusch is the Country Divisional Head for the Crop Science Business of Bayer in India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka (IBSL) since January 01, 2022. He was appointed as the Whole-Time Director for Bayer CropScience Limited with effect from December 17, 2021. He is based in Bayer’s South Asia headquarters in Mumbai, India.

Simon began his stint in South Asia as the Chief Operating Officer of the Crop Science Division of Bayer for India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka from August 21, 2018.

Prior to this, Simon was the Chief Executive Officer for Bayer’s Crop Science Division in South East Asia, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Simon started his career with Bayer in 1998 based at the company’s headquarters in Germany. He built his professional experience by working across various functions such as Sales Support, Operations, Tender Management, Controlling and Strategy, within Germany, Eastern Europe and Asia.
With more than two decades of having worked in the field of agriculture, Simon is passionate about the fundamentals that are needed to produce sufficient food and improving agriculture. He is also a strong supporter of sustainable agriculture and believes that technology and digital farming tools can improve the quality of food, reduce efforts needed to farm, ensure traceability and help farmers earn better livelihoods.

Customer-focused and motivational, Simon’s key strengths include unlocking business growth, redefining distribution strategies, driving change management and building diverse teams that drive market share and create business value.