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SDG Brain Lab Participant
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Armed with an ongoing education in Pharmacy, and experience in teaching piano performance and music theory, Marc Anlian believes in the versatility of the youth. He is a firm believer in the ability of the youth to affect change, as an adamant advocate of the power of their number, the weight of their voice and the potential of their unity towards solving the world’s problems. Additionally, Marc Anlian has a demonstrated background in civic engagement as a former delegate and current trainer in the Lebanese American University’s Global Classroom Model United Nations (LAU GC MUN) and Model European Union (LAU MEU) simulation programs for 3 years. More notably, his experience in LAU GC MUN first introduced him to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) as he served as Director of the UNGC committee in the 15th Lebanese American University Model United Nations as well as the author of the committee’s background guide on the topic “Alignment of Goals and Strategies with Universal Principles”, which opened his eyes to the paramount necessity for companies to drive positive change towards the fulfillment of the sustainable development goals by constantly evaluating their policies in order to champion good causes. Marc Anlian is currently a participant and group delegate in the Lebanon UN Global Compact Network’s Sustainable Development Goals Brain Lab – Data Hub, a national opportunity that connected him to like-minded youth in order to draft a comprehensive report about the youth’s perceptions on the state of the completion of the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDGs 2-3-4-5 and 7, in Lebanon.