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Director of Social Impact
CEMEX, Mexico
Speaker Bio
Luz Elena has a Bachelor’s degree in International Marketing from the University of Monterrey, and an MBA in International Business and Strategy from the Graduate School of Business Administration and Management (EGADE), and the University of North Carolina (UNCC).

She has completed certified courses in Finance, Risk Management & Prevention, and Social Responsibility. She also holds a Certificate in Community Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility from the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, and a Diploma in Social Responsibility and Institutional Strengthening from the University of Monterrey.

For 22 years, she has been part of the CEMEX team in Mexico. After 19 years of experience in Social Responsibility, she is currently working for the Vice Presidency of Corporate Affairs as the Director of Social Impact. She has been responsible for the publication of 8 editions of CEMEX Mexico’s Sustainable Development Report, in addition to coordinating the international transfer of social initiatives to the South American and Caribbean region.

Responsible for promoting and leading NEO, a joint initiative with the IADB to promote youth employment in Mexico and Latin America, corporate volunteering, the redesign of CEMEX Mexico's social portfolio, leading reconstruction initiatives after the 2017 earthquake, Misión Cero (Mission Zero) Strategy: a systemic approach to promote sharing of the streets, caring for vulnerable users; among other initiatives inside and outside the company, aligned with CEMEX's sustainability strategy.

She is also a sponsor of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and a member of CEMEX Mexico's Sustainability and Ethics Committees.

In 2020, she led the deployment of CEMEX Mexico's Humanitarian Aid against COVID-19.