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Chief Executive Officer
GUAVA Amenities
Speaker Bio
Gabriel is CEO of GUAVA Amenities. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Singapore, GUAVA helps leading hospitality chains, airlines, cruise liners and major corporations improve profits by embracing sustainability efforts at scale.

GUAVA provides guest amenities, healthcare supplies and F&B consumables that are designed from the get-go to minimize waste, wastage and carbon emissions. Under Gabriel’s leadership, GUAVA has pioneered an ecosystem business model, by turning the prevailing model of a centralized manufacturing location on its head and focusing instead on decentralizing production and distribution directly to customers, without intermediaries. Thus, simultaneously enabling higher profitability and sustainability.

He has been responsible for the development of key relationships with leading global and regional groups, by being well versed in developing scalable and sustainable solutions with due considerations to critical aspects of clients’ operations. As a result, even with the ongoing pandemic, the company is still actively innovating and continue expanding to new regions and territories.

GUAVA is the only guest amenities company part of the United Nations’ Global Tourism Plastic Initiative and the Glasgow Declaration Launch Partner.

Gabriel is a member of Forbes Business Council and he is passionate about sustainability, innovation, and personal development. He holds a Bachelor degree (Electrical Engineering) from the National University of Singapore and attended Executive Education Program at the Harvard Business School.