Full Name
Minister of Environment, Uruguay
Speaker Bio
• August 27, 2020 - He takes over as Minister of the Environment, under the presidency of Dr. Luis Lacalle.
• 2020 - Elected Senator of the Republic for the Colorado Party Motto.
• 2017 - Assumes as Secretary General of the Colorado Party.
• 2015 - March 1st, assumed as National Representative for Canelones.
• 2014-In the National Elections he is elected first Deputy for the Colorado Party, to represent the canaries in the National Parliament, in the 2015-2020 Legislature.
• 2014-In November he was unanimously elected General Secretary of the Colorado Party in Canelones. In December he was elected titular member of the National Executive Committee of the Colorado Party.
• 2009-he was elected National Conventional and Departmental in the Internal Party Election.
• 2009-he was elected titular member of the Departmental Executive Committee of the Colorado Party of Canelones.