Full Name
Job Title
Board Member, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Aslı Tekstil
Speaker Bio
Aslı is responsible for implementing the sustainability strategy and the organization's sustainability commitment. She was in charge of establishing the sustainability program named RESPECT.

She graduated from Ankara University Law Faculty in 2006. She began her carrier as a lawyer in the private sector as she wanted to lead her professional journey on her own. Realizing that she can contribute to family business with her leadership capacity she joined the company in 2011. Not surprisingly, she started working on transforming the family business into a corporate company by putting sustainability at the core of the organization.

Her inner drive to move the company to new horizons gave birth to company's design and R&D center in year 2015. Besides leading the sustainability department, she has been the architect of her company’s future.

The company’s journey started in 1932 in Denizli by her grandfather. His local start-up has become a leading exporter of fabrics, producing over 800 tonnes per month and exporting to more than fifteen countries.

Aslı preserves the company’s values coming from her grandfather and believes in the mutual growth of Aslı Tekstil with its immediate business ecosystem. That said, she is working as a board member in local NGOs supporting education and industrial growth. To her, the organization's success depends on keeping human rights and business ethics at the heart. She sees business partners as stakeholders to serve this purpose and considers every collaboration to be a valuable learning opportunity.