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Job Title
Water Sector lead
Green Climate Fund-GCF
Speaker Bio
Dr. Amgad Elmahdi is the Water Sector lead at Green Climate Fund-GCF with over 25 years of experience and expertise in Hydrology, in operational, research, and academic settings. Before joining GCF, Dr Elmahdi served as the Director of the MENA Region with the International Water Management Institute-IWMI, where he developed the business portfolio for R4D in the MENA Region. Prior to IWMI, He was the Head of the Water Resources Section and Chief Supervising Hydrologist at the Bureau of Meteorology-Australia, where he established the water Assessment and accounting information program. He is also recognized as an International Water and Natural Resources Management Expert and serves as the Chair of the Water Security Bureau-IWRA (international water resources association). In addition, serving as elected and nominated steering committee members at several water international entities: ICID, Water and Climate Coalition-WCC, Water and Finance Coalition-WFC, and Water Integrity Network-WIN.