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True Elements
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Kim Patrick Kobza is a cofounder of True Elements. Mr. Kobza is a technology and social impact entrepreneur with over 20 years of executive experience as a co-founder and CEO. He stewards True Elements’ strategic growth, finance, and cross-functional leadership.

Before True Elements Mr. Kobza co-founded and was CEO of Neighborhood America (NA), a SaaS pioneer building public communications systems for public outreach, major media, and commercial applications. (13 years). NA built systems for Imagine New York (World Trade Center), Statute of Liberty, Flight 93 Memorial, the American Express Open B2B network and several major media companies. NA received three global SIIA awards as best in enterprise class software.

Mr. Kobza then founded Innovation that Matters, a personal social impact portfolio before becoming CEO of True Elements. Mr. Kobza was recognized as the SIIA Entrepreneur of the Year in Florida (2010).

He has a B.S. in Economics, Math and Earth Sciences from Central Michigan University and a J.D. from Wayne State University and spent 17 years in the private practice of law specializing in land use, business organization and strategic finance.