About the Leaders Summit

The 2022 UN Global Compact Leaders Summit will once again convene stakeholders (in person and online) from the United Nations, Governments, business, civil society and all our Local Networks to take stock of progress so far, address the gaps in knowledge, resources and funding. The Leaders Summit will convene a global audience virtually along with an in-person event held in Bangkok as well as virtual plenaries in Latin America, Australia, East Asia, Middle East and Africa. This inclusive global event aims to empower business leaders at every level to take collective action and inspire future leaders to embed a sustainability mindset in their work.

The Summit is designed as a collective and individual evaluation of the sustainability journey; from addressing global themes and trends, to the resources and tools needed to accelerate progress in your own business, culminating in a celebration and a shared vision of the world we all want. In order to look ahead, we must return to the core of our work, strengthen our public-private partnerships, meet companies where they are on their sustainability journey, providing the tools and resources necessary to create ambitious, measurable goals.

Day One—1 June 2022

A Global Movement - Where We Are As A World

The converging crises of climate change, a deadly global pandemic, worsening social and economic inequality, and unchecked corruption, have set the world off track to achieve the SDGs by 2030. Now more than ever, the business community must engage with the UN, Governments and civil society to address these challenges. Only through multi-stakeholder collaboration, innovative thought leadership, transparent reporting on progress and focused data driven initiatives can we get back on track. 

Day one of the Leaders Summit will focus on a collective evaluation of the sustainability journey; where are we as a world, the progress and challenges that has been made on achieving the SDGs, and the path forward to create the world we all want.

Day Two—2 June 2022

Where Are You in this journey 

Building on the state of progress delivered on day one, the second day of the Summit will zoom in on where the business attendee is on their sustainability journey.  This day will be focused on providing our business stakeholders the tools to mobilize scale and speed on SDGs.  General sessions will outline actions needed within their companies to drive impact, scale ambition and measure progress.