The Leaders Summit Digital Venue

All attendees will have access to the Leaders Summit digital platform hosted by Welcome.  When you register or shortly thereafter, you will will be sent a link to enter the digital venue.  To prepare to use the digital platform, we recommend you run the compatibility checker.

Preparing for Your Digital Experience

Use a computer for the best experience

Tablets and mobile are now supported but strictly "view only" (aka no interaction with anyone else in the event). More information can be found here


Please view the event in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Safari is now supported but please note that it is strictly "view only" (aka no interaction with anyone else in the event). More information can be found here

Tip: Make sure the browser you are using is updated.

Keep only one instance of Welcome open

Note that you may run into issues (freezing, blank white screen, etc.) if you have multiple instances of the Welcome platform open at the same time.

Close out other program & browser tabs

In order to avoid any performance issues, we recommend to close any tabs, windows, and non-essential programs to save processing power and bandwidth.

VPNs, Firewalls and/or Other IT Security

You may encounter issues viewing audio/video within Welcome depending on the levels of IT security you have on your machine (e.g. a work computer) and/or your network connection (e.g. working at the office). 

  • You may need to contact your IT to allow Welcome. More information can be found here in our Networking — troubleshooting & tuning for optimal performance guide. 
  • If you are only joining the event as an attendee (not a speaker/presenter or a producer) you can also join via mobile/tablet. Instructions here. 
  • Restart your router/modem

Internet Speed

Uploading and downloading video feeds requires a fast internet connection. We recommend 50Mbps down and 10Mbps up as a minimum. We also highly recommend using a wired ethernet connection if possible as wi-fi can be spotty depending on the router being used. You can test your internet speeds here.