The Future of Governance is Transformational
Date & Time
Tuesday, September 24, 2024, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

This session is a call to action for leaders to champion transformational governance (TG), fostering ethical, inclusive, and transparent business practices for a sustainable future. Over two hours, this interactive session will explore how transformational governance can drive positive change in the corporate world and beyond, anchoring discussions around the TG Self-Assessment Tool as a pivotal resource.

We will begin with a grounding keynote on the Transformational Governance approach and the TG Self-Assessment Tool, followed by interactive discussions on crucial TG topics. You will then hear from panelists on ethical leadership and a culture of integrity, incorporation of ESG factors in Business relations, advocacy & influence, and the rule of law. Join us in promoting ethical leadership, building trust between public and private institutions, and fostering a culture of integrity, fairness, and inclusion beyond legal formality—asking what is legal and right.

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